UCAS Convention in Exeter


KAS sixth formers enjoyed a trip to the Ucas Convention in Exeter on Tuesday 21 March. Students arrived well prepared with questions for the exhibitors: What work placements do you offer? Can I experience a year abroad? What are my career prospects like if I enroll at your university? KAS sixth formers continue to have high aspirations and this year students were particularly drawn to the very prestigious University of St Andrews, the University of Edinburgh and the University of Glasgow in Scotland and universities in the north of England were also popular like Newcastle, Durham, York, Leeds and Sheffield. Students who study further away from home develop the confidence and contacts that make them more economically mobile and this is what makes the KAS sixth former more successful than many others in Somerset. Students were also interested in the increasing number of apprenticeship degrees that started initially at Aston University: there is government funding focusing particularly on STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) students and students receive a wage while learning on the job and gaining a degree at the end. In the near future the apprenticeship service and the University of Sheffield will be coming in to work with Year 12 students to enhance their knowledge and provide top tips on applications.