Y12 English Literature trip to Bath Spa University


Alex Phillips, Hollie Rennie and Imogen Wright had the opportunity to use the Newton Park campus library facilities to research for their non-exam assessment. They selected a range of analytical texts, papers and documents to build upon their understanding of the novel they have chosen to analyse as part of this non-exam assessment. They conducted this research in a very diligent manner. Hollie Rennie and Imogen Wright then had the opportunity to meet with Gavin Cologne-Brookes - a Bath Spa University lecturer who specialises in the genres of the novels that the two students have chosen - for a question and answer session. Both Hollie and Imogen were shining examples of the maturity, intellect and thoughtfulness of the 6th form students at the King Alfred School. They asked highly analytical questions, displaying a clear understanding of their texts in doing so. Gavin was also highly inspiring. He spoke, in depth, about the novels the two students had chosen - discussing the authors and their lives as he did so. He was most enthralled by the passion the two girls showed and complimented their ability to discuss moral and philosophical issues in such a mature manner.

- Miss Booth, English Literature Teacher