Head of Department: Mrs C Owen:


An Introduction to A level Sociology:

Sociology is the study of society. The course consists of 3 units taught over 2 years:


Year 1:

Unit 1:  Socialisation, culture and identity:

- 2 sections:

  • Introducing socialisation, culture and identity
  • Youth Subcultures


Unit 2:  Researching and understanding social inequalities

- 2 sections:

  • Research methods and researching social inequalities
  • Understanding social inequalities


Year 2:

Unit 3:  Debates in contemporary society

- 2 sections:

  • Globalisation and the digital social world
  • Education




Subject codes:

  • A level H580


Other Information:

The examination board for this subject is: OCR

More information about the course is available from the OCR website by clicking here:


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