Head Of Department: Mr J Gaskell:


Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behaviour. The A level programme is very popular and we focus on:

  • Social psychology: conformity and obedience

  • Developmental psychology: attachment

  • Cognitive psychology: memory

  • Clinical psychology: mental disorder

  • Research methods: practical psychology

  • Human relationships, aggression and eating behaviour


The Psychology Department is a member of the British Psychological Society and students benefit from listening to guest speakers such as forensic and addiction psychologists. For work experience our psychology students gain placements at Somewhere House Rehabilitation Centre or with the NHS. Many of our students achieve top grades and go up to university to study psychology before specialising in clinical , sports or forensic psychology. Trips are an opportunity to broaden your knowledge of psychology : Mr Gaskell enjoyed the visit to Sigmund Freud’s apartment in Vienna, Austria (top right)

RESULTS IN 2017 WERE OUTSTANDING: way above all UK school averages for AQA A level Psychology in all three exam papers

  • Thomas Collard grade A* 2017: University of Nottingham

  • Natalie Hughes grade A* 2017: University of Bath

  • Adam Millward grade A* 2017: University of York

  • Evie Croxford grade A 2017: University of Sheffield

  • Jack Peace grade A 2017: University of Surrey

  • Emily Bailey grade A* 2016: University of Sheffield

  • Emily Cook grade A* 2016: University of Exeter

  • Ben O’Halloran grade A 2016: University of Southampton

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