Media Studies

Head of Department: Mrs J Browne: 


Is it for me?

This AS\A2 Media Studies information tells you what is involved in the course and attempts to answer some of the questions you may have.


Do you enjoy:

  • Watching TV dramas?
  • Thinking about what you have watched?
  • Going to the cinema?
  • Watching and discussing films?
  • Using a camcorder?
  • Editing films and photographs?
  • Expressing your ideas through film and writing?

If the answer to most or all of these questions is ‘Yes’ then you will enjoy AS/A2 Media Studies!



AS Media Studies

AS Unit 1 - Foundation Portfolio in Media

This is a coursework unit which involves completing two tasks.

Preliminary exercise: This task involves filming and editing and will demonstrate different shot types and the 180 degree rule.

Main task: You will produce the titles and opening to a new fiction film.


AS Unit 2 - Key Media Concepts (TV Drama)

As the title suggests, our focus is on representation within TV dramas. You will analyse a range of TV dramas, such as Coronation Street, Casualty and Life on Mars as well as period dramas.

In addition, you will also study the British film industry. You will gain knowledge of production, distribution and marketing of films as well as audience responses.

Assessment will be by one written paper (two hours). There will be one question based on a four to five minute extract from a British TV drama and one question about the film industry.



A2 Media Studies

A2 Unit 3 - Advanced Portfolio in Media

This is another coursework unit and the focus will be on producing a portfolio through the combination of two or more of the following media: video, games, software, print, audio or web-based.

You will also be expected to evaluate and reflect upon your work and your evaluation will form part of your coursework folder.


A2 Unit 4 - Critical Perspective in Media

This unit explores your awareness of media concepts through the understanding of one contemporary media issue and your ability to evaluate your own work.

Assessment is in the form of one written paper (two hours). Section A will involve an evaluation of your production work from Foundation Portfolio to Advanced Portfolio.

Section B relates to the understanding of a contemporary media issue such as:

  • Global Media
  • Media in the Online Age
  • Media and Collective Identity