Head of Department: Mr M Ellis: mellis@kingalfred.somerset.sch.uk 


OCR’s AS Level in History A provides a fantastic curriculum to ignite and engage learners’ passions and interests. Our content will create independent learners, critical thinkers and decision-makers. These personal skills will make them stand out as they progress to higher education and/or the workplace. 


We will be following OCR Syllabus A:

UNIT 1 – England 1485 – 1558: The Early Tudors with the mid-Tudor crisis as our special enquiry topic. This unit investigates the role of the Tudors in creating a stable England after the Wars of the Roses. The special topic delves into the instability after the death of Henry VIII when his religious changes began to have a significant impact on Church and society.


UNIT 2 – Russia 1894 – 1941: This unit explores the development of Russia from the reign of Nicholas II through the Stalin becoming involved in the Second World War. The issue of historical interpretation is examined through the complexity of historiography of the Russian Revolution.


UNIT 3 – Civil Rights in the USA 1865-1992: This unit ‘fills in the gaps’ from work done at GCSE. It traces the theme of civil rights from the presidency of Abraham Lincoln to the presidency of Bill Clinton. 


UNIT 4 – Coursework: an independently researched essay of 3,000-4,000 words on any topic.