Head of Department: Mrs C Owen: 


AQA AS Geography:

Unit 1 

  • Physical Core – Rivers, Floods and Management 
  • Physical Option – Coastal Environments 
  • Human Core – Population Change 
  • Human Option – Health Issues  

Unit 2 

  • Geographical Skills  



Unit 1: Physical and Human Geography – Structured short and extended questions – 2 hours – 70% of AS marks. 

Unit 2: Geographical Skills – Structured skills and generic fieldwork questions – 1 hour – 30% of AS marks.


AQA A2 Geography:                                                                                                                                    

Unit 3 

  • Contemporary Geographical Issues: 
  • Plate tectonics and associated hazards 
  • Weather and climate and associated hazards 
  • Development and globalisation  

Unit 4 

  • Geographical Fieldwork Investigation: 
  • This unit gives candidates the opportunity to extend an area of the subject content into a more detailed fieldwork study. 



Unit 3: Contemporary Geographical Issues – Structured short and extended questions and an essay – 2½ hours – 30% of total A level marks. 

Unit 4: Geography Fieldwork Investigation – Structured short and extended questions based on candidates own fieldwork investigation – 1½ hours – 20% of total A level marks.




Fieldwork is an essential part of AS level geography. You will take part in a day of fieldwork in preparation for your AS Geographical Skills exam. 

In 2014/15 AS students spent a day on the Quantocks studying Holford Brook and A2 students carried out a transect of Berrow Sand Dunes. 

We also carry out small fieldwork investigations around the school site. This is part of the varied learning approach used in the geography department, which encompasses simulations, ICT, different texts, videos of case studies etc.



Student Comments:

“AS geography allows you to see the world in a different light – once you have studied rivers, each time you pass one you think about the meanders and how they have been eroded.” 

“My favourite AS lessons involve group discussions – where everyone gets together and shares ideas.” 

“I was quite daunted by the maths needed for the skills part of the course at the start, but with practice and support from the teachers I was able to do well in the skills exam and my confidence in my mathematical abilities has grown.”


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