Film Studies

Head of Department: Miss A Wray:


Our AS and A Level Film Studies specifications are designed to engage learners with a wide range of films from different cultures and points in history, from silent to present day. Studies will encompass genre, representation, narrative, aesthetics, ideology, film form, spectatorship and a range of critical debates that will serve to enhance learners’ analytical and creative skills.

Why choose A Level Film Studies?

Engaging - Our AS and A Level Film Studies specifications have been designed to enthuse learners into broadening their intellectual horizons in a variety of contexts.

Creative - The non-examined assessment at both AS and A Level is a great opportunity for learners to develop contemporary filmmaking skills and connect film practice with theory.

You will study a range of critically recognised and culturally significant set films from a range of different national cinemas, contexts and film forms (including documentary, short and experimental).

• The micro-elements of film form (cinematography, mise-en-scène, editing and sound)

• Learners must study aesthetics and a range of specified critical approaches, including two filmmakers’ theories on film

• The structure of the course is 70% exams 30% practical

Content Overview

Assessment Overview

You will develop knowledge of film form through the study of at least three US set films from:

the Silent Era



You will also study set films from two major European film movements or stylistic developments:

Experimental film (European surrealist film) and either

German expressionism or

French new wave.

Film History (01)

105 marks

2 hour paper

Exam Assessment

35% of total A Level

You will study key critical approaches to film and of narrative, genre, representations and spectatorship.

This will be achieved through one set film from each of the categories below:

  Contemporary British

Contemporary US


Non-European non-English language

English language (non-US)

US Independent.

Critical Approaches to Film (02)*

105 marks

2 hour paper

Exam Assessment

35% of total A Level

You will study one compilation of short British fiction films and then create:

the production of a 5 minute short film or a 10 minute screenplay for a short film (incorporating a digitally photographed storyboard)

an evaluative analysis of the production in relation to professionally produced set short films.

Making Short Film (03/04)*

90 marks Non-examined assessment (NEA)

Practical Assessment

30% of total A Level