The Extended Project Qualification


We strongly recommend that all Year 12 students complete the EPQ as it is a qualification that both universities and prospective employers value very highly. Students decide on their own project and can choose from four units:

1.    Dissertation: a written assignment on a question of your own choosing

2.    Field Investigation: a project that involves some original fieldwork

3.    Artifact: students can create an original product or new design

4.    Performance: students can plan and produce an original dance or drama performance


Students are matched to an EPQ mentor who will monitor and support progress. The final product is graded from A*-E and students should select a topic of keen interest to them and link it to their chosen university course or future career.




Examples of EPQs from former KAS sixth form students:

•    How has the internet affected social communications? (Unit 1)
•    Who caused the Cold War: Stalin or Truman? (Unit 1)
•    Why is there still so much popular interest in the Titanic? (Unit 1)
•    Does free will exist, or is it an illusion? (Unit 1)
•    How will the olympics affect the UK economy as a whole? (Unit 1)
•    How the blues has influenced modern day rock 'n'roll? (Unit 1)
•    How do natural products contribute to the pharmaceutical industry (Unit 1)
•    Is chemical synthesis, specifically organic synthesis, beneficial to science? (Unit 1)
•    Was mathematics discovered or invented? (Unit 1)
•    Why is the cochlear implant controversial in the deaf community? (Unit 1)
•    Are human activities in cities increasing the danger of storms? (Unit 1)
•    How effective are treatments for bipolar disorders? (Unit 1)
•    How has the development of tourism in Goa, India, affected biodiversity? (Unit 2)
•    What is the difference in zonation, ecology and diversity between Berrow sand dunes and Morfa Harlech? (Unit 2)
•    What is the prevalence of eating disorders within the dance community? (Unit 3)
•    What can we create from reusable materials? (Unit 4)