Head of Department: Miss L Lamb:


Dance is a thriving area of the curriculum and continues to develop and challenge individual’s understanding of this art form.

But why should you choose dance?
Dance is a fantastic subject! If you love to dance, choreograph, perform and analyse professional works, then this course is for you! Not only will AS provide foundation for a further career in dance, it will also provide you will vital life skills. Within the course you will collaborate with professional choreographers and dancers, work in partnership with your peers and gain knowledge about society through dance. You will also understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and approach to training.
As part of the course you will be expected to perform regularly in school-based performances as well as
representing the school in local professional venues. The course will be structured in the same methodology as a professional dance company. Therefore all students choosing dance as this level, must attend technique classes, workshops, theatre visits and rehearsals. It is also expected that students attend the after-school sessions to assist in the teaching and development of Key Stage Three and GCSE students.


AS Dance:

Course Outline
Within AS-Level Dance you will focus on your development as a choreographer and performer. You will also study the importance of technique training and the health and safety of a dancer. The first year of this course has been divided into the following:

Unit 1: Understanding Dance – A Written Paper
In this unit you will be assessed in your ability to understand the choreographic process and the significance of professional works. The unit focuses on your knowledge and understanding of the demands made in practice and performance. You will study numerous professional
choreographers and their works in order to appreciate how dance has impacted upon society.

40% of AS Grade / 20% of A2 Grade

Unit 2: Choreography and Performance
Within this element of the course you will choreograph and perform a solo dance in examination conditions. You will be assessed in your physical and interpretative skills through your performance.
You will also be required to embody and perform a choreography composed by your teacher. This will be performed in a duo or trio.

60% of AS Grade / 30% of A2 Grade

A2 Dance:

What happens if I choose to take Dance at A2?
Your results will be collated and transferred to A-Level Dance and in addition you will study the following units: A2 focuses on group dances in one of the following styles: modern dance, ballet or jazz.

Unit 3: Understanding Dance – A Written Paper
This unit will require you to study a set work prescribed by the examination board. You will study the choreographer and their works and will be expected to have a detailed knowledge on their place in dance history.

25% of A2 Grade

Unit 4: Choreography and Performance
Once again the examination board will determine the style of this dance performance. You will be taught a solo for performance in the style of the work studied in Unit 3.

25% of A2 Grade


Overall this is a fantastic course, allowing you to engage with the current choreographers through workshops and theatre visits. If you are a dance enthusiast or wish to take dance at degree level, then this course will tick the boxes!


For more information please contact Miss Lamb.